Made to Measure/Bespoke

Perfect Fit


A unique selection of Italy's highest quality luxury Fabrics.

Montaliani offer a various range of high quality luxury fabrics made in italy:
Albini, Thomas Mason, Canclini, J.D. Anderson, Grandi e Rubinelli
Our fabrics have higher "title" range from: 80/1 to 200/2.
The "title" represent the quality of the thread
The Higher is the "Title" the finer (and stronger is the yarn.
The lower is the "title" the bigger is the yarn. We only use exceptionally fine title numbers.

We only use exceptionally fine title numbers.

Matteo Focardi

Perfect Fit, Perfect Shirt

Montaliani mtm measuraments order schedule is simple and easy to fill in.
The information collected with order schedule are control by qualify personell and by the computer prior to production to avoid mistakes.
Guarantee a perfect Fit
According to the customer measuraments.
We work from 3 to 14 measurements, depending on you..
The more measurements, you can take the more close a fit we can achieve, even with only 3 the fit is the shirt is going to be very good.

Getting the best fit is a matter of accuracy, we have brought this "art" up to the level of a science

Marco Merlino


Services and Private Label Production

Montaliani offer a MTM program with delivery guarantee in maximum 4 weeks.
It is also possibile to used the priority service that guarantee a delivery within 1 or 2 weeks on fabrics in warehouse.
The Made to Measure of Montaliani can be a white label service.
That can be customised with your own private label and detail.
Theere is no limit to the customisations you can ask for.
We aim to please.

White label work gets our highest priority, we always know the customer has a choice

Matteo Focardi